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Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is present in higher levels in men but still very important for women.

It is responsible for muscle growth, fat loss, and other body functions; thus it impacts the overall body health in both males and females.

Its level in both male and female bodies needs to appropriate at all times. If low, symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and physical changes occur in men.

Women can experience weight gain, sleep disturbance, and low libido.

Fortunately, low levels can be corrected. Natural supplements such as those below are one way to do this.

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This herb is common in most bodybuilding supplements and testosterone boosting supplements. It has been used for centuries in foods and poultices.

According to the Journal of Sport Nutrition, Fenugreek has been shown to have significant effects on fat loss and boosting of total testosterone levels.

Another research study has found that the herb can be used to boost libido, an effect that is connected to its ability to boost the levels of testosterone.

The supplement comes in curries where it is used to add flavor, in tea and as an ingredient in a supplement. If you need it natural, you should take it in foods or drinks. However, caution should be taken.

If you have a medical condition, such as heart disease, you need to consult your doctor before taking the supplement to avoid negative consequences. S/he will recommend whether it is safe given your medical condition.




This is a common root vegetable and mostly used to add flavor to food. It has a number of health benefits too when taken with food and drinks, one of them being its ability to boost testosterone. The supplement has also been shown to fight nausea, and inflammation and in some instances cancer.

A study published in the Tikrit Medical Journal showed that Ginger has a significant effect on the level of testosterone in the body. It also increases semen quality when taken by infertile men, according to the same study.

Though mostly and best taken with food or ground and added to drinks, you can also take it in supplements. Ginger does not have side effects when taken normally.


Tribulus Terrestris


This is another herb that has been used for centuries in the herbal medicine industry, and it has also been a favorite for young athletes looking to boost their muscles and energy.

According to studies, the herb is effective when used by people with low testosterone levels, but it does not have much effect when used by people with normal levels.

Like Fenugreek, the herb has significant benefits when used for fat loss and building of muscles. Caution must also be taken by consulting a doctor before taking it, especially if you have heart conditions or suffer other chronic conditions.

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Other Natural Supplements


Though important, studies show that this hormone level in bodies has generally gone down. The good thing is that the above supplements are available to remedy low testosterone levels.

There are natural testosterone boosters formulated with a combination of different ingredients too.

Check out the ageless male review for one such booster. Other natural testosterone boosters include D-Aspartic acid, DHEA, vitamin D and zinc. However, always remember to consult your doctor first before taking these supplements and other over the counter adderall.

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