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Have you tried doing workouts lately? The gym is a must for many individuals to stay healthy. Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money. This is why a lot of people simply do their workouts at home or in a public park. In reality, this strategy works. You can still be fit even without a gym. Here are some of the most creative ways that you can do if you can’t pay for your gym membership.

Use kettlebells

Have you heard of kettlebells? Kettlebells are known to provide a full body workout. In fact, kettlebells are effective and affordable. Unlike bulky gym equipment, you can do a lot of exercises with it. According to research, kettlebell swings can help increase your body’s testosterone level. It is also a great functional workout that can help improve the hips, core, grips, and arms. You can also mix different types of kettlebell workouts such as snatch and cleans. These workouts are known to build muscles and help cut fats in your belly.

Bodyweight exercises

There are a lot of bodyweight exercises that you can use. In reality, pushups and pullups are just some of them. You only need minimal equipment if you plan on doing some bodyweight exercises. In fact, you can purchase a pull-up bar and have it installed in your room’s door. You can also choose to do some dips in your bed which can help develop your triceps.


One of the best ways to burn calories is by doing burpees. Doing 100 burpees straight is equivalent to running for 40 minutes to an hour. In addition to this, you also don’t need to leave the house in order to burn a significant amount of calories.


If you are looking to test your core, planks can be a great way to challenge your balance and make sure that you tone your abs. You can do this when watching TV, and even when listening to music. If you can plank for 10 minutes straight, you will be surprised by its results.

Run outside the house

If you are looking to run, a good idea is to run outside the house. In fact, the gym offers boring workouts when it comes to cardio. You are only facing a monitor showing a movie that you are most likely not interested in. If you don’t have a gym membership, take advantage of running outside. Try to run in different areas of your neighborhood to avoid boring and monotonous cardio activities.

Are you looking to meet your fitness goals without a gym membership? This is possible as long as you follow these tips. You will be happy to see the results while you get to save some money in the process.