What Makes up a Truly Healthy Protein Bar?

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Protein bars

Protein bars are creating a buzz amongst the health and beauty conscious. They are found in the healthy selections section of the grocery store. And there are a lot of brands and flavors to choose from.

Not everybody bothers to read back labels of food wrappers. No, actually only a rare few do. But if you are one of them health buffs who are very mindful of his waistline, you may want to start making it a habit to check the their components.

What You Find or Not Find in the Nutrition Label Can Make a Big Difference in Choosing the Healthier Bar

Making Protein BarsThey are protein bars because, well, of having protein as their major nutritional ingredient, and it should be of high quality.

It is naturally found in our bodily system and we eat health-packed food to relentlessly nourish our innate supply due to numerous reasons. It is one of the components in the body that is responsible for building and sustaining healthy muscles. It burns fats without having to get rid of the muscles too. It helps in the recovery of the body after participating in strenuous activities. It is good for the skin, the hair, the nails and the eyes. Right amount of protein reduces your tendencies of craving for more food because it keeps you fuller for a longer period of time and hence assists you to be able to adhere to your dietary and nutritional plans.

Now that some of the many reasons why we need protein sustenance are set forth, how do we go about choosing the healthier bar amid the heap of brands available in the market today?

It makes sense to go with the one which is filled with more protein. Logically speaking, the more there is in a bar, the better. But check out the label. Protein contained has to be of high quality, either whey or milk.

Way Less Sugar Contents, Much Better

You would not want to pick out that protein bar just because of its flavor and attractive packaging in pink. It may be as sweet as its wrapper color looks. You never know how much sugar it contains unless you check, which is a necessary step in your impending protein bar purchase. You would not want your protein bar to be brimming with sugar as much as your dark chocolate bar does.

You do not feed yourself with protein but with high amount of sugar together with it. It is not good for the maintenance of your blood sugar and blood pressure, and insulin level.

Faux Sweetening Agents Are a No-No

Artificial flavorings in protein bars cause more cravings which is what you wish to curb by munching on protein bars in the first place, right? Plus, they have side effects like your getting an upset stomach or a headache. It may go unnoticed because, of course, headaches happen. But only your body can tell if it is caused by the artificial sweetener in the protein bar you just had.

If you have been subscribing to protein bars with high contents of synthetic sweetening ingredients, have you noticed your constant craving to have another bar? Perhaps, it is because these substances are addictive.

There Need Not Be a Gazillion of Ingredients in Your Health Bar

The shorter the list of elements there are on the nutrition label, the healthier the bar must be for you. In addition, the more you identify them, all the better too.

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