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Are you looking for ways on how to cook a pea shoot?

Pea shoots are the leaves of a young green pea plant, usually on the uppermost parts of the plants.

They have been prominent in the Asian cuisine for a very long time now, especially in the Orient. However, it has not been well known in the US until recently.

Although it is not yet that well known compared to how popular it is in Asia, the soft and tender leaves, curly tendrils, watery stems, and flavorful taste of the pea shoot rose to its growing popularity in the United States today.

With the many American who are getting more curious on how this pea shoots taste like, there are a number of ways on how to cook a pea shoot. Similarly, you may also grow edible pea sprouts and seeds at home if you want to have more supply of it and not having to compete with the many buyers in the market today

how to cook a pea shoot

How To Cook A Pea Shoot

There are a lot of ways on how you can prepare pea shoots today.

While the most traditional way is by stir frying it, many cooks and food lovers have now discovered other types of dishes which the fresh pea leaves and sprouting can be prepared.

Note, though, that these shoots are very soft and tender. Thus, it requires just enough amount of heat for it to be cooked just rightly. Overcooking the shoot may not bring a good taste to the recipe and that’s why you should observe a low heat cooking.

Below are some easy food recipes on how to prepare shoots from green pease.

Easy Food Recipes From Shoots Of Organic Green Peas

  1. Chinese stir-fried pea shoots

Among the most popular dishes that the pea shoot can be prepared is the is the Chinese stir-fried pea shoots. This is fresh shoot and sprouting that are stir fried or sauteed with garlic and then added with salt, sugar, and sesame oil and cooking wine for a salty and sweet flavorful blend.

  1. Pea shoot salad

If you are into greens a sweet and sour salad made with vinaigrette is best for pea shoot salad. Add radishes, arugula, fresh mint, garlic, and nuts for a tasty salad that is great for any time of the day.

  1. Pasta with pea shoots

If you are a pasta lover, one of the great food recipes from shoots of organic green peas is the pasta with pea shoots. A bow-tie pasta would be perfect for this. Add garlic, mushrooms, prosciutto, salt, butter or olive oil for a perfect flavor then top it with grated parmesan cheese. You may also prepare an additional cheese on the table for those who want to add more flavor to their pea shoot pasta.

grow edible pea sprouts and seeds

Grow Edible Pea Sprouts And Seeds And Prepare Them At Home

Aside from the flavor that it adds to a dish, they are also highly nutritious. Moreover, they can be grown easily and can be harvested in just about two weeks.

Grow edible pea sprouts and seeds today and prepare a good dish at home.

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