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Are you feeling weird lately? Have you been experiencing numbness in your legs? Or how about sudden loss of strength in your fingers? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling a burning sensation running through your body? It’s time to be aware of this issue and not put it off like some routine muscle tiredness spasms.

To put into context, let’s imagine a tree. Now picture the trunk has over 10,000 branches spread out all over the place. Let’s say that if one or a couple of the branches experience a damage, or any issue for that matter, and it immediatelyshuts a whole area of branches down until that area gets healed.

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Obvious Symptoms


If you didn’t fully get the illustration, the trunk is your spinal cord and your brain and the branches are the nerves. Yes, you have more than 10,000 nerves in your body, and only about 100 of them are visible. When a nerve or a group of nerves is injured (medical term is mononeuropathy and polyneuropathy), this causes the body to be limited in its movement, inhibit sensation in the extremities and even loss of feeling the difference between hot and cold.

Other obvious physical symptoms include the aforementioned numbness but more progressive, the feeling of a pin pricking your toes or fingers, and for some, depending on the severity of the issue, loss of balance even when standing still.

Non-Obvious Symptoms


When I said only 100 nerves out of the 10,000 are visible, I wasn’t kidding. There are more nerves under our skin and that’s what we should be aware of. We can’t just be alert for the outward symptoms, we have to watch out for potential issues coming from the inside of our bodies. The nerves that are normally affected internally are autonomic nerves.

When these nerves are hit, you probably will just won’t mind it and say that you’re just feeling tired and low in energy. The most common signs and symptoms are unusual sweating even when you’re not even moving or the temperature is not even warm, very abnormal bowel problems, and when you are dizzy or lightheaded from just walking around, then it is a serious matter already.



Neuropathy is a combination of two words which simply means the “disease of the nervous system.” This is the medical term for what you are possibly going through right now.

The bad news is that because science and medical doctors can’t pinpoint the exact cause of neuropathy, then consequently, they can’t direct you to the most effective treatment because there is not one method to cure it. You read that right, neuropathy is incurable.

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Get Checked Today


I am telling you this not because I want to pull your spirits down, the reason I am sharing this is because I want to tell you that you can still fight through this. Even though there is no know cure, you can still prevent the progress of the pain and the nerve damage symptoms.

Your best option right now would be to find a clinic near you and ask for a certified and licensed physician or doctor who has had extensive experience with people suffering from neuropathy. So don’t delay another minute, research now and call them or read about You can still have a better future.

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