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If you have an upcoming drug test and you are worried you may fail, doing a home test is the best solution to predict the outcome of the official lab test.

Thankfully, there are numerous drug test kits you can easily purchase at awesome prices. You can easily access urine, blood and even hair follicle test kits.

The idea is to buy time and to know which method to use to mask a potential positive outcome. For example, if your kit tests positive for urine tests, then it’s an indicator that you need synthetic urine for the lab test.

numerous online resource forums for stoners and people who recreationally use drugs

It’s Really Affordable!

According to the Toke Titans resource website, drug tests can range from $10 to $50. What’s more, you can easily purchase a kit online through the affiliate links.

You can also find test kits on eBay and even Craigslist! However, if your test is impromptu your purchase will be useless. Either way, if you occasionally smoke marijuana, a home test kit will be a welcome convenience.

Taking a home drug test will also give you a step ahead of the labs. There are numerous ways you can beat a drug test, provided you understand the mechanism used to test the samples.

Drug test kits usually have information on what components it can detect, and the time frame the drug lasts in the system.

Pro-Active Measures

If you happen to fail the urine test at home, you will be able to take remedial measures like flushing your system using detox products.

These products flush your body of the drugs and restore the “markers” that should be present in a normal urine sample.

The same applies to a hair follicle test. You may opt to get a haircut or perform a home cleansing procedure.

Methods like the Jerry-G process are cumbersome and may leave you with brittle hair, but you will cleanse your hair totally. An easier method is to purchase a cleansing shampoo.

Most new brands are getting negative reviews though, so it would be wise to stick to the older shampoo brands.

How to Use the Kits

All kits come with detailed information on how to take the test. However, it would be wise to research on how lab tests are conducted just to be a step ahead.

For example, it’s prudent to know why a urine sample would fail. When you fail the home test, you will have to learn how to handle your synthetic urine sample while at the lab; make sure it remains warm, and that it hasn’t stayed beyond the recommended shelf life.

Thankfully, home kits don’t require lab-like conditions or extreme instruments.

products flush your body of the drugs and restore the “markers”

Where Can You Get the Test Kits

There are numerous online resource forums for stoners and people who recreationally use drugs. These forums host very open discussions and provide useful information on vendors.

Some labs manufacture home test kits. However, you can find the most reliable brands through Toke Titans website’s affiliate links.

Not only that, you will find useful information on the many ways of beating any test.

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