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Flex belt programAre you working out to get those six-pack abs?

Men and women who work out aim to get those toned abs to get to perfectly V-shape and hourglass body figure.

However, it is the abdominal and stomach area that needs the most effort to burn the fats and tone the muscles. It is the area that needs more discipline in doing all the core exercises, routines, and ab workouts.

And since it takes time for one to get those firm abs, not everyone has all the luxury of time to do the daily exercise routines needed to achieve that goal. Fortunately, technology has evolved and the flex ab toner has been developed.

What Is Flex Belt Ab Toner?

It is a device that trains the abdominal muscles through the use of the EMS or electric muscle stimulation. The belt is wrapped around the waist and has three gel pads containing electrodes inside it. It is used to make the abdominal muscles strong, firm, and toned.

Does the Flex Belt Really Work?

The belt is approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration for toning the abs. It was stated that the device is “for toning, strengthening, and firming abdominal muscles.” It is also the only device that is approved by the FDA for such uses, so you are assured to using a safe an effective device for getting those abs.

For even more accurate data, you can check on the user testimonials of the flex belt ab toner so you can get a product review and see awesome results of those who have tried it.

Flex belt for toned absHow Does the Ab Toner Function?

Through the EMS, the flex belt uses a medical grade technology and stimulates the nerves on the abdomen to make the ab muscles stronger and firmer. The gel pads containing electrodes are responsible for conducting electrical currents to the body. Therefore, the flex belt won’t work without them. And to maintain the full functionality of the ab toner, gel pads must be replaced every after 30 sessions, so when you purchase the device, it is highly recommended that you include about two or three sets of gel pads so that you won’t need to worry getting a replacement once the current set has been used up.

Is the Device Safe?

You may be worried about your safety on using an electronic device on your body. The product manufacturers have conducted clinical studies and research to ensure product safety. Also, The FDA has approved the safety and usability of the device, so it is proved to be safe for use by individuals.

Can Anyone Use the Flex Belt Ab Toner?

Although the EMS technology is known to be safe for use by everyone, it would be better to consult your doctor if you have certain health conditions such as tumors, multiple sclerosis, viral infections, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and other related conditions.

A Toning System for Your Abs

While getting a belt ab toner, it is best that you still continue on your workout and have a balanced diet to achieve a toned and proportional body figure. Make abs more prominent more easily with the help of this newly devised technology for strengthening and firming your abs.

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