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There are different methods of hair removal. Shaving, Depilatory cream, waxing, sugaring, laser, electrolysis etc. are some of the ways to remove unwanted hair from the body. Body sugaring is the art of removing hair using all natural ingredients such as sugar, water, and lemon. A honey like paste is created using these ingredients with a thick consistency. The paste prepared is spread over the skin in the direction opposite to the growth and then removed it off. This will extract them on the skin applied and also the dead cells. This method is less painful and easy to remove the unwanted hair. It is completely hygienic and does not require strips or sticks. The effect normally will last for 4 – 6 weeks.

Sugaring body for hair removal

Body Sugaring Can Be Used on All Parts of the Body Including

* Hand and Arms
* Back
* Lower leg
* Underarm
* Neck and sides
* Upper leg
* Bikini
* Feet
* Legs
* Eyebrows
* Chin
* Stomach
* Face etc.

Features of Body Sugaring Method

* Body sugaring can be used to remove the hair at 1/8’’
* It can remove any type of strands and pigment
* This method is safe for even sensitive skin
* It removes the unwanted hair and the dead skin
* All natural ingredients are used to make the paste
* No need to heat
* Less breakage, irritation, ingrown follicles or discomfort
* Biodegradable and eco- friendly method
* Sanitized method

Benefits of Body Sugaring

Long lasting effects: It removes the hair from the roots. When used regularly the follicle depletes which results in fine regrowth of hair. It also reduces its growth.
Painless: Although this method is not completely painless, there is less irritation and pain. Also, it can be used on all skin types including sensitive ones. The tissue under the skin remains undamaged. The paste does not need heating and hence there are no chances of burns.
Exfoliating: Body sugaring removes the dead skin and makes it smooth. It gives an exfoliating effect which is better than waxing or other methods or hair removal.
Organic: The paste is made from Lemon, water, and sugar. All these are organic which will not cause any side effect on the skin.
Hygienic: It does not require strips or sticks. Hence it is a hygienic way to get rid of unwanted hair.
Short hair: It is effective in removing short hair.
Texture: The ingredients used contain vitamin E and are natural moisturizers which make the skin soft, firm, smooth and even toned.

Making Sugar Paste at Home

Just as would visit a specialized doctor to learn how to get rid of Herpes, you should go to professional salon if you want the best results from body sugaring. If you are the do it yourself type, hoever, you can make your own sugar paste at home. The three ingredients required i.e. Sugar, lemon and water are easily available at home. With some trial and error, you will be able to make the perfect paste for your hair removal. You need to take 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cup lemon juice and 1/8th cup of water. Mix all the ingredients in a pan and heat it on a medium flame for about 9 to 12 minutes. Let it cool. The paste is ready to use now.