How to Fix a Bad Lower Back from the Gym

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A lot of people are having problems with their lower back. For some people, they even opt to have surgery when experiencing lower back problems. It could be from bad posture, or it can also be from the bad form when lifting weights. Lower back pain is a common complaint among athletes. In fact, you will be surprised how many people take pain medications just to resolve this problem. How do you fix a back problem? Here are some things that you can do to fix your lower back.

Always maintain the best form when lifting

Your body’s form is the number one thing that you should always consider. If you are lifting anything whether it is in the gym or lifting boxes in your home, never use your lower back solely. Make sure that you involve your legs. A lot of times, major injuries occur because of poor knowledge of proper form.

Start with a warm up

Do you go straight lifting 200 pounds? One of the most common errors of people in the gym is to lift when they haven’t really warmed up properly. Make sure that you do the necessary warm up in order to activate the muscles involved in the movement. It also signals your body to get ready for the activity.

Never do back exercises when tired

It is also imperative that you never do back exercises when you are tired. If you are exhausted, you can easily compromise your form just to be able to lift the weights. In reality, this is dangerous and can even cause permanent damage to your lower back. Make sure that you don’t do any back exercises by the very end of your workout. Choose to do the back exercises in the beginning of your workout.

Get the help of chiropractors and physical therapists

If you are already suffering from back problems, always make sure that you get the help of experts. Physical therapists and chiropractors have extensive knowledge on how to fix your back. This gives you the ability to return to your routine and even improve your performance.

Developing the lower back can help you in so many ways. However, there are also instances when you need to get physical therapists to fix the surrounding muscles. Usually, if you are suffering from lower back pain, it is also imperative to perform a myofascial release on surrounding muscles that could be pulling on your lower back.