Breaking Fast Post Cleanse Plan: What To Eat After Fast

Our breaking fast post cleanse plan will help you in figuring out what to eat after a fast. While spending several days drinking only pure fresh juices, we begin to contemplate what it will be like to break fast and go back to solid foods, and normal foodie life, a common realization can be that it’s actually not so hard NOT eating, and EATING is what is really hard.

At least Conscious Eating. Completing a cleanse is truly a victory, not easy at all to make such a radical change in our routines! We usually feel very proud, very light, and very clear. The last thing anybody wants is to muck up the results by going back to what obscured us in the first place, or by going from feeling really great, to feeling really sick in minutes simply by consuming foods that are too dense for your new light energy body.

Though it is not too difficult to come off a cleanse if you are starting from a clean diet place of lots of fruits and vegetables, its not so easy if you are starting from – and planning to return to – more acidic foods like animal flesh or dairy, then its fine – you will be OK but a good plan will mean the difference between maintaining your clean, and a belly ache. A few lessons in Conscious Eating, and good solid plan will take you where you want to go.

Conscious Eating 101: It’s NOT about the FOOD.

At least it is not about the sort of food you put into your mouth, chew and digest. So start by assessing what else you ask your body to digest and what do you NOT digest that you would feel so much better if you could?

(hint : not food). Undigested emotion, desires we believe we cannot have, feeling diminished, or simply not giving yourself any space to integrate (DIGEST) the creations and happening of your day.

If you don’t do this, you will certainly rush around multitasking, and pushing through your day until you feel you are starving, then unconsciously eat too much of a bad thing. Or perhaps you will be moving so fast, that you will reach for an acid forming cocktail to slow down.

Of course, that would be done unconsciously. It takes a little moment to notice and breath and acknowledge your day in order to integrate. So, try a yoga class after work instead of cocktail hour. Or don’t: just NOTICE it and keep doing what you are doing. You will make the change right for you sooner than you think, with no effort other than noticing when you need space and time to digest and integrate your day. Yoga not your thing? A walk in the park, walk the dog. Bike, take a bath. But whatever you do consider doing it alone or with someone you FEEL like yourself with. You cannot integrate and digest the emotions of your day when you are obliged to please others with conversation or inauthentic activities.

OK, so now the MEAL PLANNING.

We have setup a Post Cleanse Meal Planning page where we give you meal planning suggestions on breaking your fast with a Post Cleanse worksheet you can print out and fill out for your ease of transitioning from your juice fast / cleanse. Please visit:

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