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My name is Mary McGuire-Wien, and I am a yoga and juice cleanse expert. I have lead thousands of juice fast and cleansing retreats, created the American Yogini Retreat, the Hohm Juice Cleanse Delivered, and published "The 7 Day Total Cleanse, a Revolutionary New Juice Fast and Yoga Plan to Purify Your Body and Clarify Your Mind" ( McGraw-Hill) I believe that cleansing as a practice for Self Care is the fastest and simplest way to be our best in every way, helping us achieve balance and clarity as we "burn clean" and "integrate" all the relevant information and eliminate the toxins that we ingest incessantly in our current modern world. I hope it will become a routine self care ritual for all who want to live and be their best. It is my intention to make cleansing time fun, delicious, beautiful and wonderful - a time we look forward to, not a time we dread or feel we "must" do, and that this practice will support an every more conscious, co-creative world.

The Pros and Cons of Staying 100% Raw

So many times I hear this question: What is wrong with regular food and cooked foods? And every time I hear it I go around trying to be way polite to answer and not make other person feel bad about their eating habits.
I would say, yes, I am not 100% raw. And in fact, I am not. Here and there I will eat a bowl of quinoa now, as I feel my body wants it.
But the raw truth is that we don’t need most of the cooked food we eat. We have addicted to the poisonous foods, because we have not been exposed to the other options. It all comes from the society we live in and mass media constantly bombarding us with advertizements of mac donalds, fast foods, canned dinners and lunches, and highly toxic meals. Why? Because it is profitable and convenient for others to make money on our poor health and diet.
Imagine if we were more conscious of what eat? What would happen to all the multi- billion drug industry? If we were more healthy internally, perhaps we would need only few doctors in case of accidents.
Despite that, We live in a perfect world. We need both good and bad, if you can call that, forces to balance out our existence. But more and more people are waking up these days to a healthy eating and going back to the ways Mother Nature intended us to live and eat.
Yes, we all come from Earth, and we all are part of the Nature. And Creation has given us an abundance of fresh, tasty, healing and powerful superfoods that we can use to support our mechanisms- our bodies.
Anastasia, in series her books “Ringing Cedars of Russia” talks about our Divine connection and relation to the Earth we live on. All plants, flowers, fruits, vegetable, roots, rivers- are parts of our being. She says, that if we care and love about growing our own foods- they will give us back tremendous healing powers. Just think about what we eat now? Not only we don’t know where our food comes from when we buy vegetables for example, most times we don’t care, but worse – we buy canned food that is so modified from its original form, that it is scary even to think about what it is inside of a lunch box. That is why we are so obese and sick. Our nation is in health crisis and we don’t want to admit it, Instead we are running around catching after money, buying more things, working more, getting sick and then again we have to work even harder to pay our medical bills.
We got disconnected from natural ways of eating and relating to foods. And this disconnection comes from not taking time to know who we are. We are Divine beings that live off the Energy in this material plane. Same as feeling, emotions and thoughts produce energy, and most if us know that already. So does food that we eat have energy vibration as well. Can overcooked and overheated food have a living energy in it? What about freshly picked apple, that is juicy, sweet and delicious? Is there a living force in deep fried potatoes? Or is there a living force in sprouted sunflower seeds?
It is for each of us to decide and to question about what we put in our bodies.
The best example of healthy eating – is my yoga teacher and guru, Sri Dharma Mittra once said: ” If you eat cooked, fried and boiled- you feel cooked, fried and boiled”. I can only agree to that.
Live with passion, live with love, make healthy choices for your life. Be Vital You!.
Join Inna at our American Yogini Retreat. We have a few spots available for local day trippers, so contact us if you are on or near the East End of Long Island and want to join us.

Inna is a certified Dharma Yoga Teacher (RYT), Certified Holistic Health Coach ( CHHC, AADP) and recently a raw food enthusiast. She is a founder of Be VItal You, a portal for health and wellness. She loves teaching yoga, experimenting with raw foods, and helping others to find their inner and outer balance.

Raw Food Weekend with Inna and Miguel

Eating for Energy
We really do A LOT of Yoga and Juice Cleanse retreats to help you get a fresh juice fast in a friendly low key environment close to the city ( New York City, that is). But we hear you: more structure, more yoga ( twice a day) more yogini approved F O O D. We love to hear that because, even though we are incredibly sneaky about it while you are here juice fasting, we do love to eat. And we love to eat raw local foods in summer especially. Here’s your once chance to come “hohm” for a structured intensive yoga and raw food weekend this July.
Only EIGHT lucky retreat guests will be able to participate from Friday July 19 to Sunday July 21st. And 2 spots are already taken so that leaves 6 so do hurry. It may be awhile before we can do it again. Next one won’t be until September for sure.

You will learn how to use a high powered blender, like the vitamix, an excalibur food dehydrator, tools like our spiralizer and mandoline for making pasta out of vegetables. You will learn what “super foods” are and which ones are growing right here close where we all live.

We will include crazy delicious micro greens from local farm, and even wine from a local biodynamic vineyard.
We plan two yoga classes a day, hands on food prep, experts to teach and of course EATING fresh foods that support our healthy conscious lifestyle yogi’s enjoy. Learning by the pool, and on the beach as well as in our HUMUNGOUS state of the Conscious Lifestyle kitchen here at “hohm.”

Your teacher is the adorable and sweet Inna Revina and (as IF she is not enough) she’s even bringing along Miguel

Hohm Juice Cleanse Coach Michele Messina

Michele Messina is a Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in the simplicity of ideal health. After graduating Rutgers University, she immersed herself into thorough research on the vital truth of detoxification. Jarred yet motivated by her own physical and emotional suffering, she divulged into the superior works of Arnold Ehret and Norman Walker. Her own persistent efforts in cellular cleansing through the therapeutic use of raw foods and juices led her to discover physical strength, emotional stability, and spiritual abundance that she never thought were possible. Michele now studies under one of the most revered health experts In New York City, Gil Jacobs. She has now started her own private practice, serving a wealth of diverse issues including but not limited to weight loss, depression and anxiety, emotional eating, children’s health, and athletic performance.

Michele is confident that the body is its own healer if supplied with the proper tools. She believes that nutrition includes not only the foods we eat, but also the environment in which we live, the relationships we support, and the thoughts and actions we perform. Her therapeutic methodology involves setting small attainable goals that work toward the creation of a balanced lifestyle and ongoing health. “Life is simple, beautiful, and fun…but only if we allow it to be.”

Morning Meditation on the Beach

Juice Cleansing is just a portal to experience greater conscious awareness that everything touches everything. Yoga plus Juice Cleansing is our specialty, just one way to increase Self experience and conscious awareness. Makes a better YOU and a better you, makes a better world. Namaste! CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO

Cleanses for the New Year

Buddah Light at American Yogini's hohm juice cleanse retreat
We have more offerings for those who wish to cleanse to prepare themselves for the New Year, than ever before.

Our Retreat will be open for you, with special workshops, ceremonies to focus upon the past year, what worked, and what did not. With meditation, guided journaling, yoga and juice cleansing we release the things that have not been working in our lives, and together we map our dreams for 2012 and beyond.
We are taking orders for delivered hohm juice cleanses to be delivered next week, as follow up after the retreat, or as your self guided juice experience.

Our fully scheduled weekend retreat includes pre-cleanse raw dinner on Saturday afternoon, juicing, broths, simple grains, daily all levels yoga workshops, and and exciting introduction to The Artists Way to launch us all into new ways of looking at the world around us, the challenges that have blocked us, and the excitement of new creations in the coming year.

If you are seeking a sane and peaceful way to ring in the New Year in the most conscious way possible, our retreat is open for you. We are planning cleansing ritual workshop that will include creation of your own individual dispatch packet. In this ceremony and workshop you will place various dry natural materials together with a written list of all the things you want to “un-stick” from yourself so you can ascend into a new year without anything pulling you down.

We hope you can join us

We welcome you “hohm” for the holidays

little gifts for our retreat guests over the holidays
Once again we will be open for yoga, juicing and vegan co-cooking and raw food un-cooking togetherness with you, our beloved guests. Come for a casual down “hohm” restful low key and above all HEALTHY holiday break. We have presents for all our registrants, already hanging upon the tree in anticipation.

Words cannot express how honored, humbled and grateful we are to be doing the work we do with people like YOU.
Change takes a lot of courage and cleansing does too. You are stripped down to your essence, you feel every rough edge, you feel hungry, empty, and maybe even angry. But YOU, you cleanse anyway because with courage to navigate change with grace!
You come hohm a bit murky on the inside, and you depart a sparkling clear, light filled vessel, ready for all the new fresh changes you are calling forth.
2012 is a very significant year astrologically. Change has been accelerating for most of the world for several years now, and as a cleanser, as a yogi, as a growing conscious being, I feel certain you will be bringing a shining light into the Age of Aquarious!

If you will not be joining us and you are navigating your families and parties, I found this posting from Real Simple that is very helpful with 9 Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies that may help you out!

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