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As parents of newborn babies, it is your utmost responsibility to secure your child’s health, growth, safety and security. You don’t want your baby to be sick, more so to be in danger. In fact, it is a response of your instinct as parents that if something happens to your baby, you want to give him or her your most tender loving care, letting the baby feel that daddy and mommy is right by their side.


What happens if the baby experiences irritation? Should you need to panic? No more because there are essential oils for babies that will comfort your babies in times of need.


therapeutic effect on your little ones

Nature Potion

Oilogic is one of the products in stores that produce 100% essential oil blends for your babies, toddlers and kids. There oil blends are considered to be “powerful lil’ nature potions” as they are purely natural coming from plants and flowers. These oils are said to be used way back in olden times even dating back during the Biblical historical days being mentioned over 200 times.

The oils are sourced from around the world and are blended just right to give that therapeutic effect on your little ones. This effect doesn’t irritate your babies, rather it gives them a cooling and comfortable feeling when they feel issues in their bodies.

Safety Measures

Parents are often bewildered which medical care is needed to apply to their baby once their little one experiences body irritation concerns. That is normal because not all oils and essential care are suitable for your babies and toddlers. Some may cause severe irritation which could add up to the discomfort of the baby’s condition.

With Oilogic, their products are 100% pure essential oils and contain no proteins. As mentioned, they are plant-based which are sourced from over 13 different countries around the world. As they have been tried and tested, they are a certified as a safe product that can be applied to your child. They will guarantee you that your babies comfort is their utmost priority.

Specific Needs

Oilogic essential oil produces products that could cater to different specific needs of your baby. They have a wide range of products numbering to 26 different essential oil care. They have essential oils for sleep, cough, relaxing, itchy eyes, baths, bites and scrapes.

They vary in types like lotions and roll-ons and prices from as low as $10. You do not have to disturb your paediatrician or rush your child to the emergency room once these issues happen. You don’t have to panic on where to get cash for the medical needs of your baby. All you need is $10 and you are ensured of a quality essential oil that will take care of your baby’s needs.

medical needs of your baby

Your Responsibility

Although these products are helpful in treating your baby’s body and health concerns, it doesn’t negate the fact that you still need advice from your personal doctors and paediatricians. They will be provide you more help than another essential oil. However, these essential oils are best used for treatments that can be done at home.

So what’s your responsibility?

1. Call – Give your paediatrician a call if your chosen baby cough essential oils are good for your babies. Ask their recommendation because they surely have your baby’s safety and comfort in mind.
2. Review – Don’t just buy products hastily. Do a thorough research on the essential oils and know if they are applicable for your babies. Review on the products and don’t hesitate to ask people and doctors about their opinions.
3. Pray – Once sickness hits your doorstep, may be calling upon a supernatural being can be the most important tool you can use. You can give it a chance. There is nothing to lose. Say a prayer of healing and comfort your little one because that’s what your baby also needs.

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